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Daily Nouri

Nouri exists to spread the power of health equity and does so by creating gut and immune health solutions. The company was founded in 2018 by Caroline Beckman and since then has created scientifically published and nationally distributed proactive immune solutions to retailers such as Whole Foods Market.
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Jam + Rico

Growing up, I was always influenced by my culture. With immigrant grandparents from both islands Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The most prominent inspirations were food and music in my home. A little salsa and reggae with a mix of arroz con pollo, pastelles, jerk and curry were favorites and loves within my home. Once I got older and was able to travel to both islands, the fascination and love of my heritage grew even stronger. The colors, carnivals, art, beaches and language all inspired me to create and design. That’s when I knew I needed to design to bring me closer to the cultural connection of my ancestors. I created Jam + Rico to dive deeper into my love of designing and the Caribbean.
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Nunona Life

Nunona is a whole food plant-based (evidence-based!) maternal and infant nutrition company founded with the purpose of helping to create healthier humans for a healthier planet. Our debut product Mama Balls are energy balls specially formulated to help new moms create better quality breastmilk.
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Blankbox is the first "ready-to-gift" gift box...think everything you need to give the perfect, thoughtful gift...without the gift. Our chic, customized, sustainable + convenient packaging comes with the blankbox design of your choice, crinkle cut or tissue filler, our signature blank 'with love' card + a personalized gift tag - you add your thoughtful gifts + go! No more clumsy wrap jobs, "crap! a card!" sprints, or pretty pre-packaged gifts filled with things they don't want.
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JARS by dani

JARS by dani are beautiful and delicious desserts delivered in a simple fashion: a mason jar. Each flavor is perfectly layered with fudge brownie, sugar cookie, mousse, whipped cream, sprinkles and more!
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Dew Mighty

DEW MIGHTY began out of the desire to create something that’s never been made before: unbottled slow beauty skin care, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, composed of undiluted pure ingredients, that is effective for all skin types. Dynamic Duo pairs our patent pending technology, BLOOM (NOURISH + CALM) Jelly Serum Bar, with a custom refillable container. This unique solid serum is massaged directly onto skin without water to deposit beneficial actives that leave the skin looking healthy and glowing with hydration.
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pH-D Feminine Health

pH-D Feminine Health is holistic feminine hygiene and wellness company that helps millions of women feel confident and comfortable. pH-D is an independently held, woman-owned business and the brand is best known for selling the #1 doctor-recommended boric acid vaginal suppository for women who struggle with feminine odor.
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Mini Melanie

The sister-led team at Mini Melanie team is passionate about your experience with our desserts. We put our all into the creative development, culinary technique, and customer service behind every dessert we create. We make beautiful and delicious treats for every ‘just because’ gift you need to send!
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