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Every Entreprenista Needs a Community with Tiffany Dufu of The Cru

November 19, 2021

Every Entreprenista Needs a Community with Tiffany Dufu of The Cru

“If you want something that you’ve never had before, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done before in order to get it.”

This is the mantra that guides Tiffany Dufu in everything she does. Being one of 94 Black Women founders to raise over a million dollars  in venture capital, Tiffany’s primary goal is to advance women and girls.  She’s founded a peer coaching company for women, has helped launch a girls’ middle school, run a national women’s leadership organization, and served as an executive at a technology company that arms millennial women professionals with the tools they need to be successful.  

As Founder and CEO of membership community The Cru, Tiffany helps a diverse group of mid-level and senior professionals find their inspiration and accountability partners.  You’re about to hear how Tiffany and her team are bringing her mission to life. 

Key takeaways this week:

  • How Tiffany and her team are harnessing the power of women and girls’ ingenuity and creativity for the benefit of everyone
  • Why she’s “obsessed” with understanding what matters most to women 
  • The importance of finding your “Cru” to help realize your life goals
  • Why Tiffany believes women partnering together can create real change in the world
  • How the power of positive affirmations can fuel your mission
  • And finally, Tiffany shares her lessons learned in positioning herself as a thought leader

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